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First-Assist Company has been providing assistance to tourists since 2016, in full compliance with the terms of the insurance contract. When an insured event occurs organizes medical care, hospitalization, treatment, transportation of the insured to the place of permanent residence, and also provides legal assistance, if this is provided by the terms of insurance.

Services are provided to everyone who has a medical or legal insurance policy: individuals, individual entrepreneurs, tourist groups, organizations, sending their employees to work abroad. The cost of assistance services depends on the list of selected services.

The company localizes the consequences of an insured event, conducts an expert examination, and provides expert opinion on the causes of the insured event, assesses the amount of damage and organize work to eliminate the consequences of the insured event, deals with the settlement of claims.

First-Assist Company as an intermediary between the insurance company and medical centers, travel agencies, transport organizations - it strives to provide services at the highest level, in accordance with the standards adopted in the industry.